Skywell ET5

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The Chinese manufacturer has officially announced that its first serial electric car will enter China market in October. It will be the new Skywell ET5 crossover.


The electric SUV will start at $ 21,435. Buyers can choose from five exterior colors - black, white, blue, purple or brown.


The color gamut is not too wide, but you have to start somewhere. The Chinese crossover ET5 is the first passenger car of the company, which previously dealt only with buses.


An electric crossover from China received a five-seater saloon. Among the advantages - 12.3-inch virtual tidy and 12.8-inch main display. Most of the controls are concentrated on the center console and steering wheel.


Without exaggeration, the driver's seat can be called sleeping - the backrest can take an almost horizontal position.


The crossover is equipped with a 204-hp electric motor and a 72 kWh battery. Its full charge is enough to cover 520 km. Apparently, these data are presented for the top modification. There will be two more options with 404 and 410 km mileage.

Skywell ET5
Skywell ET5