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Zero FX FXS Owner's Manual
Zero FX FXS Owner's Manual
Zero FX FXS Owner's Manual.pdf
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Zero FX



Type of fire: electric jet (Maximum 420A)

Number of valves: Highly efficient 3-phase inverter with recuperation energy function. Maximum jet 420A

Number of cylinders: The Z-Force® 75-7 model is a high-efficiency, boxless motor with permanent magnets and passive cooling units.

Fuel supply system: 3-phase inverter with recuperation energy function

Valve Mechanism: SOHC

Toxicity: Zero

Review of Zero FX & FXS Electric Motorcycle

ZERO FX & FXS Electric Motorcycle Owner's Manual PDF above the page.


Zero FX / FXS - a powerful and lightweight hard enduro fully electric.


The model can be equipped with a ZF3.3 electric motor rated at 27 hp. (106 Nm) or installing ZF6.5 on 46 hp (106 Nm).


An optional modular design of two quick-detachable modules allows you to quickly replace the battery and not waste time on charging.


And the integrated charger makes it possible to charge the motorcycle anywhere with a standard outlet.


In addition, for an additional fee, a special Chademo device is offered that can bring the energy level of lithium-ion batteries to 95% in just one hour.


At the same time, at full charge, depending on the modification, the bike is able to overcome from 72 to 145 km.


The frame frame FX / FXS is made entirely of aircraft aluminum. The whole design is designed so that the motorcycle has a low center of gravity and a minimum total weight, so engineers have achieved excellent handling and maneuverability.


In addition to the usual data, the FX / FXS instrument panel LCD provides various information about the state of charge, bike power and riding mode.


To change the latter, with the help of an ergonomic switch, the rider can use 3 different profiles: Sport, Eco, User.


In addition, the Zero Motorcycles App, which works with smartphones on the iPhone and Android platforms, will help you monitor the state of the car and change various settings.