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ZERO MOTORCYCLES is a manufacturer of electric motorcycles. Located in America, California. World famous for its innovative, powerful motorcycle line.


Zero electric motorcycles can be bought in any country in the world, although ten years ago it was a startup launched by former NASA engineer Neil Saykis.


Today Zero products are represented by 5 electric motorcycles, with a range of travel on a single battery charge of up to 360 kilometers, silent and without exhaust. It is also known that the FX and MMX models are used in the US Army.


History of the company The company was founded in 2006. The first electric motorcycle - Zero S, was released in 2010.


In 2012, S and DS motorcycles were the first to drive 100 miles on a single battery charge.


In 2013, electric bikes were equipped with new, more capacious batteries, a fast charging system, and electric motors without brushes began to be used.


In 2017, the company already had six models of electric motorcycles designed both for the city and for rough terrain. It is worth noting that Zero motorcycles have repeatedly won races.