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One of the most popular models on the market such as "unisex", made in a sports style. Great for moving around the city, as it best copes with driving on asphalt and flat ground. The appearance and technical characteristics of the frame completely coincide with the similar part of the well-known gasoline motorcycle Honda CBR 125.


Kawasaki Z1000 SR


The model has a stylish original design, which organically combines green and black colors. It is considered one of the safest electric motorcycles with a good braking system and maneuverability. It fits easily into turns and overcomes obstacles. A nice feature is the water-repellent coating of the case, which allows use in rainy and wet weather.


Electrotown 1500


Three-wheeled adult electromotorcycle with reverse gear and original modern design. The presence of three wheels instead of two provides additional structural stability. Equipped with a powerful engine, a smooth step system of gear shifting, front and rear brakes. It has three speed limits. The device is complemented by many details that make the trip as convenient as possible: rear-view mirrors, a front headlight, door lights and a flavored fork.


Xinling XL2000DQT-E


A brand of sports racing electric motorcycle from China. Suitable for city and countryside. A powerful engine allows you to quickly accelerate. The front wheel with spokes, the rear - cast. Wide functionality: running board, seat cushioning, handles with parking lights and brake levers.


Mars M6 3000W


Model related to the type of electric scooters, not requiring registration. The battery does not need to be recharged for a long time. For convenience, when traveling in the dark, the model is equipped with a bright headlight, LED display of the instrument panel.




The model has an unusual appearance resembling a bicycle. The design in the "retro" style is made in two colors: white and black, which will appeal to both women and men. More suitable for urban environments and paved roads. Equipped with an electronic screen, special levers for controlling the brake system. The presence of headlights and side lights makes it possible to travel in the dark. It is distinguished by safety and reliability thanks to the built-in stability control system.


Super Soco TS1200R


One of the most popular models on the market. Its main difference from analogues is the presence of a motor wheel from a well-known manufacturer of equipment. Thanks to a powerful engine and enhanced torque, it can develop high speeds. Another important feature is the ability to install a second battery, doubling the range of the device. If the driver plans a trip over short distances (less than 30 km.), Then for this there is a special reduced battery charge mode for 20 minutes.