Vanderhall · 20. September 2020
An electric SUV called the Vanderhall Navarro EV, unlike other cars of the company, will receive four wheels and a full roof. The novelty represents a major breakthrough in the development of Vanderhall. According to the developers, the new Navarro is positioned as an adventure car. The new SUV will receive an electric power plant, the power of which is still unknown, as well as the range.
Arcfox · 26. August 2020
This unusual two-seater car in width (1676 mm), height (1492 mm) and wheelbase (1870 mm) almost repeats the well-known smart fortwo of the current generation. But due to the pronounced protrusions of the hood and trunk, Arcfox Lite is noticeably longer than Smart: 2986 instead of 2695 mm. A feature of the car is matrix displays between the headlights and taillights, on which the owner can display any phrase in the form of a static inscription or a creeping line.
Hongqi · 21. August 2020
In July 2020, the serial crossover Hongqi E-HS9 was spotted at one of the local exhibitions, and now the manufacturer has published official photos of the electric car. In the model line of the brand, it is destined for the role of a flagship. Externally, the serial electric car Hongqi E-HS9 almost completely repeats the E115 show car. It is already known that the new Chinese electric car Hongqi will be available in two versions. The basic version will be equipped with a pair of 218-hp.
Kandi · 20. August 2020
Chinese electric car maker Kandi has announced sales in the United States. Thus, Kandi cars became the cheapest electric cars in America - prices start at $ 12,999. In 2019 Kandi announced that it has received US permission to sell two electric vehicles in the country. In 2020, the automaker announced that it would start selling starting next month and revealed the details of the first two cars to hit the market: the Kandi K27 and K23.
Chery · 19. August 2020
Chery Ant is a full electric vehicle, not just an electrified version of one of the existing models, completely developed from the ground up. Secondly, it has an aluminum body. In addition, the masters of Pininfarina worked on the appearance of Chery's crossover. The front part of the body, decorated with images of wind turbines, a false radiator grille and LED optics, stands out especially.
Human Horizons · 18. August 2020
The Chinese company Human Horizons, which specializes in the production of electric vehicles and the development of autonomous driving systems, has unveiled its first mass-produced electric vehicle. This is the full-size electric crossover HiPhi X, the concept of which was shown last year. The cabin has six seats, which are distributed in three rows according to the 2 + 2 + 2 scheme.
Hyperion · 18. August 2020
The American company Hyperion has unveiled the XP-1 supercar on hydrogen fuel cells with a proton exchange membrane (Proton Exchange Membrane, PEM), capable of speeds up to 221 mph (356 km / h). The XP-1 is capable of accelerating from 0 to 60 mph (97 km / h) in less than 2.2 seconds. Its range is 1,016 miles (1,635 km), and it takes less than 5 minutes to recharge the hydrogen cells.
Skoda · 25. July 2020
The new Skoda Enyaq iV crossover is built on the same platform as the VW ID.4 crossover. According to the company, the dimensions of the Enyaq iV are slightly smaller than the Octavia, and the size of the cabin is practically not inferior to the Kodiaq. The Czech crossover also borrowed the power units from the Volkswagen soplatform electric car. It is known that the base will be the single-engine Enyaq iV, which will mark the return of the Czech brand to rear-wheel drive.
Skywell · 25. July 2020
The Chinese manufacturer has officially announced that its first serial electric car will enter the PRC market in October. It will be the new Skywell ET5 crossover. The electric SUV will start at $ 21,435. Buyers can choose from five exterior colors - black, white, blue, purple or brown. The color gamut is not too wide, but you have to start somewhere. The Chinese crossover ET5 is the first passenger car of the company, which previously dealt only with buses.
Aiways · 04. July 2020
Aiways U5 will be the first electric vehicles made in China to officially enter the EU. The entry of this model into the European market, originally planned for April 2020, has been postponed to August due to coronavirus infection. But the service for pre-order is already working. Five hundred Aiways U5 electric crossovers have already been exported from China. At first, the Aiways U5 will only be available for rental. Later it will be possible to acquire ownership and use by subscripti

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