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Volvo C30 Electric Owner's Manual
Volvo C30 Electric Owner's Manual
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Volvo C30 EV
Volvo C30 EV



Power 113 hp

Electric Motor 84 kW

Torque 220 Nm

Maximum Speed 130 km / h

Distance min. 120 km

Review of Volvo C30 EV

VOLVO C30 EV Owner's Manual PDF above the page.


Volvo C30 Electric. Only an electric motor and batteries, the charge of which should be enough to overcome 150 km. At least in theory.


In addition to 275 virtual and 13 real crash tests, frost resistance tests were carried out in the harsh North. Therefore, instead of a power reserve of 150 km, engineers call only 120, but with the proviso that this is the minimum.


Like the petrol Volvo C30 Electric, the electric car has a trunk volume of 233 liters. The electric motor has a power of 84 kW or 113 hp and can spin up to 12,000 rpm.


The torque of 220 Nm is available in full from the very first revolutions. The car allows you to start both smoothly and with smoking tires. There is a lever under the right hand, but this is not a transmission selector - there is no gearbox.


The top speed of the Volvo C30 Electric is 130 km / h, which should be enough for the city.