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Toyota Corolla Hybrid Owner's Manual
Toyota Corolla Hybrid Owner's Manual
Toyota Corolla Hybrid Owner's Manual.pdf
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Toyota Corolla Hybrid Quick Guide
Toyota Corolla Hybrid Quick Guide
Toyota Corolla Hybrid Quick Guide.pdf
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Toyota Corolla Altis Hybrid
Toyota Corolla Altis Hybrid

2020 SPECS

Power 122 hp (90 kW)

Torque 142 Nm

Electric Motor 53 kW

Fuel Consumption 3.8 l / 100 km (city)


Review of 2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid

TOYOTA COROLLA Hybrid Owner's Manual & Quick Guide PDF above the page.


Toyota Hybrid system consists of:


- gasoline engine that runs on the Atkinson cycle. The most efficient internal combustion engine at medium and high speeds, has a high efficiency and low fuel consumption and noise level;


- control electric motor. Performs the role of a power generator from the internal combustion engine to charge a high-voltage battery, as well as the role of a starter for the internal combustion engine;


- traction electric motor. Designed to drive the car. Also acts as a generator in recovery;


- hybrid transmission. Is a planetary transmission that is a power divider and distributes torque between the traction motor and the internal combustion engine. Hybrid transmission is not a variator in its classical sense, because it has no shafts, clutches, belts / chains;


- inverter. Converts alternating current (AC) from the electric motor to direct current (DC) to charge the battery and vice versa.


Also converts 250V from 650V HV battery to start and operate the traction motor


- high voltage battery. Has a high energy density. The nickel-metal hydride battery provides stable charging / discharging from 30% to 90% for the most efficient operation of the battery, is ideal for operation at low temperatures and does not require external charging.


Toyota Hybrid can operate in three modes: CHARGE, ECO and POWER. Depending on the driving mode and driving style of the driver, the car determines the most optimal mode and accordingly displays it on the indicator of the hybrid power plant.


CHARGE - automatic charging of the HV-battery of the hybrid system of the car occurs at smooth and stable braking due to recovery of kinetic energy. The HV battery is also automatically charged when driving.


The accumulated charge is used by the electric motor for the further movement that allows to save on fuel.


In ECO mode, the hybrid drive is used as efficiently as possible. When driving in the city in ECO mode, the system often allows you to move only on electric traction.


POWER - when accelerating, overtaking or driving at high speed, the car uses the synergy of power of the internal combustion engine and the hybrid system to obtain high dynamic performance.