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History of Sono Motors

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The history of Sono Motors began in 2012 in Germany, when the founders of the startup thought about the implementation of a project to release a solar car Sion.


In 2017, 2 functional prototypes were created, which in many ways were similar to the final product.


During the same period, several small investors joined Sono Motors, including a German energy services company, whose interest in the project greatly facilitated prototype testing.


Sono Motors signed its first major contract in 2018, signing an agreement to develop and supply ElringKlinger battery systems for its products.


A Sono Motors product innovation is the use of solar panels as an additional source of energy generation.


The company's global plans include expanding its production to a number of Nordic countries.


In particular, Sono Motors is considering entering the Swedish market, where the company plans to start producing its own electric cars at the former SAAB factories.


In addition, the company wants to move part of its business to the Netherlands as the most promising and dynamically growing market for electric vehicles.