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History of Smart Hybrid & EV Cars

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Smart Automobile is a division of Daimler AG, specializing in the production of small class cars of the same name.


In 2006, the company began developing an electrified version of the car. The car uses Tesla batteries. The modernized car covered 135 km on a single charge.


In 2007, Smart introduced a hybrid version of the Fortwo. In the same year, the hybrid car went on sale.


The company launched the second generation Smart Fortwo equipped with a start-stop system (automatic). In the combined car cycle, fuel consumption is reduced by 19.7% (0.4 l / 100 km).


For 2012, the MHD system was installed on all Smart cars with ICE (gasoline). In the combined cycle, the fuel economy reaches 4.3 l / 100 km. In urban conditions, fuel economy is 20%.


The main advantage is the reduction of CO2 emissions to 103g / km. The electronic system doses the fuel supply, increases the efficiency of the ICE.


Before the launch of the eco-car in mass production (2012), the company tested the car in a tough operation mode, modified the model, and corrected deficiencies. An improved and modified Smart Fortwo ED has entered the conveyor.


The model's speed reaches 125 km / h and has 145 km of autonomous running.


The company is confidently moving towards the production of ecological vehicles.