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Scion is the name of Toyota's car brand, which produces cars only in the North American market. Toyota established this division three years ago in July 2003.


For three years of its work, Scion has managed to make quality cars more affordable: the cost of Scion cars is less than $ 17,000.


So far, the brand has only three models in the brand's arsenal: the Scion tC - a coupe worth $ 16,800, the Scion xA - the American analogue of the Toyota Ist worth $ 13,300, and the Scion xB - the American twin brother of Toyota bB, the price of which is $ 14,570. Scion is currently preparing new models for release.


Scion made an electric car named Scion iQ.


Low prices, right approach to market positioning allowed Scion to sell 150,000 vehicles in 2005.