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Renault Fluence ZE Owner's Manual
Renault Fluence ZE Owner's Manual
Renault Fluence ZE Owner's Manual.pdf
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Renault Fluence ZE Brochure
Renault Fluence ZE Brochure
Renault Fluence ZE Brochure.pdf
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Renault Fluence ZE
Renault Fluence ZE



Electric motor power 95 HP / 70 kW

Battery 22 kWh

Cruising range (NEDC / EPA / WLTP) 185 km

Charging time (220V / 380V / DC) 6-8 h ./-/-

Acceleration 0-100 km / h 13 s

Maximum speed 135 km / h

Review of Renault Fluence Z.E.

RENAULT FLUENCE ZE Owner's Manual & Brochure PDF above the page.


Renault Fluence Z.E. is an electrified version of the popular French sedan.


The changes affected only the radiator grille of the car, which in the electric car is represented by a square air intake and taillights. Only a small icon indicates that the car is running on electricity.


For a vehicle of dimensions Renault Fluence Z.E. engine power 90 hp it is very little. Also, the 70 kW electric motor is not happy with the acceleration dynamics. 13 seconds to 100 km is not an indicator for modern electric cars.


But the range of 185 km is a good indicator, as well as the capacity of lithium-ion batteries is only 22 kWh. Car charging is also in line with electric vehicle standards.


You can charge an electric car from a regular outlet at 16 A in 6-8 hours, it has no fast charging option.


The electric vehicle is equipped with standard active and passive protective equipment. In case of hard braking, the ABS system will help the driver; on a slippery road, the exchange rate stability system will come to the rescue.


In a collision, you can count on the protection of the front and side airbags.