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History of Opel EV Cars

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Surprisingly, the first Opel Electro GT electric car from the Opel automaker was released in 1968.


In the second half of the 20th century, a movement began to emerge aimed at improving the environmental situation on the planet and Opel was among the first to direct its efforts to the development of an eco-car that uses electricity. The car was promising.


In 1971, the Opel Electro GT set a speed record for electric cars - 188 km / h. With positive properties, the electric car was not launched into mass production.


The carmaker took the next step on the path of environmental development in 1992. The first hybrid Opel Twin was launched. A feature of the hybrid was the use of an electric motor as the main one.


A real sensation was made in 2011 by the Opel Ampera hybrid car. Equipped with an internal combustion engine (gasoline) and an electric motor, the hybrid covered 60 km on a single charge, and when using the internal combustion engine, the mileage reached 500 kilometers.


In February 2016, the Opel concern in Bochum at the car symposium announced the release of the new Ampera-e electric car.