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Nissan Leaf Owner's Manual
Nissan Leaf Owner's Manual
Nissan Leaf Owner's Manual.pdf
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Nissan Leaf Brochure
Nissan Leaf Brochure
Nissan Leaf Brochure.pdf
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Nissan Leaf
Nissan Leaf EV

2018 SPECS


Electric motor power 150 HP / 110 kW

Battery 40 kWh

Cruising range (NEDC / EPA / WLTP) 243 km

Charging time (220V / 380V / DC) 16 hours / 8 hours / 40 minutes

On-board charger 6.6 kW

Acceleration 0-100 km / h 7.9 s

Maximum speed 144 km / h

Review of 2018 Nissan Leaf EV

NISSAN LEAF EV Owner's Manual & Brochure PDF above the page.


The new 2018-2019 Nissan Leaf sets new benchmarks in the mass-produced EV market, providing its fans with a dynamic new design, innovative technologies and a wide range of products.


From now on, the Nissan Leaf instills a sense of confidence and greater comfort in its owners, thanks to the new Nissan Leaf ProPilot autonomous drive technology, increased power and range, carefully developed design and improved interior ergonomics.


A new aerodynamic body design, with a crisp rear bumper curve and Aero-desing wheels, has reduced the Nissan Leaf's drag coefficient to 0.28.


The technologically new second generation Nissan Leaf with Zero Emission brings Nissan Intelligent Mobility to life - the company's new approach to the way EVs are driven, charged and communicated with the community.


Nissan Intelligent Mobility is based on three key pillars: Nissan Intelligent Driving, Nissan Intelligent Power, and Nissan Intelligent Integration.