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Preisliste Mercedes Benz EQV - DE
Preisliste Mercedes Benz EQV
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Mercedes Benz EQV Brochure
Mercedes Benz EQV Brochure
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Mercedes Benz EQV
Mercedes Benz EQV



Electric motor power 204 HP / 150 kW

Battery 100 kWh

Cruising range (NEDC / EPA / WLTP) - / - / 405 km

Charging time (220V / 380V / DC) - / 10 hours / 45 minutes

Onboard charger 11 kW

Maximum speed 160 km / h

Review of Mercedes Benz EQV

MERCEDES BENZ EQV Price List Guide & Brochure PDF above the page.


The Mercedes Benz EQV is a premium all-electric passenger van.


Mercedes begins production of the world's first mass-produced electric minivan.


With the EQV concept, Mercedes is giving concrete insight into what an all-electric V-Class should look like. A prototype is on display at the show, the production model appeared in 2019.


Under the hood is an electric motor with a capacity of 204 hp, and under the bottom - a battery of 100 kWh with a range of 400 kilometers.


As you might expect, the model turns into a completely production car, which received the EQV prefix in the name.


The company describes the latest addition to its line of EQ electric vehicles as the first all-electric premium MPV and promises that it will deliver emission-free mobility combined with impressive driving ability.


Movement is provided by an electric drive system mounted on the front axle. The charging socket is located in the front bumper.