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History of Mercedes Benz Electrified Cars

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More than 120 years have passed since the release of the first Victoria car, and today Mercedes is a global auto concern, whose value is estimated in tens of billions of dollars.


Such a long, sometimes thorny path could be done only in conditions of constant development, the introduction of advanced technologies and the desire to be in the trends of a constantly changing world.


At the 2008 Detroit Auto Show, where the Mercedes-Benz BlueZERO concept car was unveiled in its E-Cell Plus hybrid version, the F-Cell fuel cell model and the E-Cell electric version.


The first environmental innovation directly affecting production models was the creation of hybrid versions for the company's flagship models in the S-Class and E-Class bodies.


But most notably, the concern created the world's first hybrid for a car with a diesel engine. It was the Mercedes E300 BlueTec Hybrid sedan, which entered the market in 2011.


The Mercedes B Electric Drive electric car was created in close cooperation with the recognized leader of this eco-segment of the global automotive industry, Tesla.


The hatchback turned out to be very successful, it received an electric motor with a capacity of 177 hp, a maximum speed of 160 km / h and a cruising range of 130-140 km. For a debutant, these are very decent indicators.


Car sales began in 2014 in the United States, 6 months later the model became available to European buyers.