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Lotus Evija Brochure
Lotus Evija Brochure
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Lotus Evija
Lotus Evija



Electric motor power 2000 HP

Battery 70 kWh

Cruising range (NEDC / EPA / WLTP) - / - / 400 km

Charging time (220V / 380V / DC) - / - / 18 min.

Types of charging connectors Type 2

Acceleration 0-100 km / h 3 s

Maximum speed 320 km / h

Review of Lotus Evija EV

LOTUS EVIJA Tech Manual PDF above the page.


The Lotus Evija is an electric hypercar with unprecedented performance and a unique design that embodies the ultimate in electric drive performance in speed, dynamics and handling.


Lotus Evija is one of the most powerful cars of our time.


Its drivetrain consists of four compact, lightweight and extremely efficient electric motors with silicon carbide inverters with a total output of 2000 hp. and 1700 N⋅m of torque, providing the car with all-electric drive.


The transmission system is fully automatic and capable of instantly distributing power to any combination of two, 3 or 4 wheels simultaneously.


The electric car accelerates to the first 100 km / h in less than 3 seconds, to 300 km / h in less than 9 seconds, and its maximum speed is about 320 km / h.


The key to powering the Lotus Evija is its 70 kWh battery, which offers a range of 400 km on a WLTP cycle.


The battery is centrally mounted behind the passenger compartment, and its cover is even visible through the rear window of the electric vehicle. This arrangement offers advantages in terms of aerodynamics, weight distribution and passenger comfort.


 In addition, its architecture is designed in such a way that the battery cells can be easily replaced in the future.