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Karma Revero Owner's Manual
Karma Revero Owner's Manual
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Karma Revero Quick Reference Guide
Karma Revero Quick Reference Guide
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Karma Revero
Karma Revero



2 Electric Motors 536 hp

Torque 1491 Nm

Battery 28 kWh

Cruising Range is 579 km

Acceleration 0-100 km / h is about 4.5 s

Maximum Speed is 201 km / h

Review of Karma Revero GT HEV

Karma Revero GT is a novelty, rooted in the Fisker Karma, which appeared on the conveyor in 2011, but a year later left it. Now the car has been significantly updated and is preparing to compete with the new Tesla Model S.


Karma Revero is a truly luxurious car that will give the owner a sense of exclusivity. In any case, it was thought so.


The technical part is represented by a completely new power plant, which includes two electric motors with a total capacity of 536 hp. (1491 Nm) and a 3-cylinder 1.5-liter ICE from BMW, which powers the electrical installation.


As you know, this is a hybrid. For many motorists, this will be a more profitable and practical combination in comparison with a full-fledged electric car.


Be that as it may, the Karma Revero GT 2020 sports hybrid is capable of driving 129 km exclusively on electric traction thanks to a 28 kWh battery.


The total cruising range is 579 km. Acceleration to 100 km / h will take about 4.5 s, and the maximum speed is 201 km / h.