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History of Ford Electric Cars

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In 2004, Ford launched the first hybrid car based on technology purchased from Toyota. This event was a huge step for the concern to produce ecological transport.


Another step Ford made towards the production of eco-friendly cars in the 21 century was the new Ford ECOnetic line of cars with minimal CO2 emissions and bio-ethanol cars created using Flexifuel technology.


In 2011, the automaker introduced the first electric vehicle, the Ford Focus Electric. The distance that an electric vehicle travels at one charging is 160 km.


In 2015, the company introduced the development of thirteen models of electric vehicles and invested four and a half billion dollars in the development of electric cars.


Ford Corporation is developing rapidly in the production and improvement of environmental transport.


The main goal of the company is the electrification of popular truck models, passenger and passenger models, SUVs and heavy duty cars.