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Fisker Karma

History of Fisker Cars

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In 2005, Fisker, under his own name, registers a car company.


Initially, the company was exclusively engaged in the development of exclusive bodies for existing cars of well-known, mainly elite series.


The first car of the company was the elite model Fisker Latigo CS V10 based on the BMW M6 coupe.


This was followed by a few alterations of famous brands, but soon the company decides to change benchmarks and take up the full-fledged production of more budget, and most importantly, environmentally friendly cars.


In 2009, Fisker launched its first production, already legendary Fisker Karma car.


The thing is that it was almost the only sports hybrid in the world that combines a gasoline 2 liter engine, as well as an electric unit powered by a solar panel glass panel located on the roof of the car.


Already in 2010, car sales amounted to 15,000 copies.


Unfortunately, fate did not favor the company and in 2013, largely due to the unsuccessful policy of brand manager Henrik Fisker, the company went bankrupt, leaving only the right to service and repair already released models.


The company is favored by a large Chinese investor, who has covered the debts of the brand and bought all the rights to the company's hybrid powertrains.


Now is a Karma Automotive.