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History of FIAT Electric Cars

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Since the FIAT management announced its intention to create its own production electric car, the public did not even doubt that it would be created on the basis of the most famous and popular model of the FIAT 500.


According to the technical parameters and its purpose, the city car was most associated with environmental friendliness and economy.


Even before the start of production, orders for the electric version of the car began to come from all over the world, the British and the Americans from California were especially interested.


The process of creating an electric car took only 2 years from the engineers of the company. The FIAT 500e was first introduced in 2012.


Official sales of the car started in the United States in early 2013, after some time the model became available in Europe.


The novelty was waiting for instant success, in all significant top ratings the FIAT 500e electric car is still in the top ten.


Success inspires, therefore, in the near future, FIAT plans to create new eco-friendly cars including an electric bus and even an electric race car.


Knowing the company's focus on results, you can be sure that the latest in this segment is just around the corner.