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History of Detroit Electric's EV

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Few people know that among the first companies to launch electric cars in mass production was Detroit Electric, Michigan.


Long before the famous Tesla, in 1884 a company appeared in the United States, which at the dawn of the twentieth century sold up to 3,000 electric vehicles a year, being considered a very progressive and advanced production industry.


Work with Detroit Electric was considered an honor even by the recognized genius of electrical engineering Thomas Alva Edison.


Until the end of the 30s, the company continued to produce machines for individual orders, but very soon they disappeared, and with it the legendary brand.


Investors breathed new life into a long-forgotten company in 2008.


Today, there is already the first model of an electric car after the revival, called SP: 01, which the manufacturer positions as the fastest electric car in the world.


In the future, Detroit Electric plans to continue to work in the exclusive segment, creating new models in a limited edition or for individual customer orders.