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History of Chevrolet Electrified Cars

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Chevrolet in 2010 launched a car with an electric power plant - the plug-in hybrid Chevrolet Volt.


The car almost immediately won the great recognition of the many owners of a unique car. Volt is renowned for its economy, ease of maintenance, and attractive price.


The American company Chevrolet is actively developing its line of environmentally friendly cars.


The manufacturer plans to create a more advanced electric vehicle with a large power reserve and more powerful batteries. New environmental projects of the company comply with all existing safety standards.


The head of the Chevrolet board announced the start of work on self-driving electric vehicles. The new Chevrolet Bolt model has become a platform for the introduction and testing of new technologies of the company.


Chevrolet also plans to create its network of fast charging stations for electric vehicles according to the CCS standard. The global trend predicts an increase in the popularity of electric cars in the coming decade.