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History of BYD Electric Cars

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The company presented the first electric car BYD F3 Electric in Beijing at the international motor show (2006).


In 2009, BYD began manufacturing electric vehicles. 2010 was the starting point in the production of electric cars by the company.


The automaker has launched a joint project for the production of fully electrified cars with Daimler AG. The company has produced more than half a million electric vehicles.


In 2011, a technological breakthrough was made. The company presented a new environmentally friendly production electric car BYD E6 of its own design. This model is capable of driving up to 320 kilometers without recharging.


The energy consumption of BYD E6 is 21.5 kW / hour per 100 kilometers. Compared to ICE, the fuel costs of an electric car are reduced by 6 times.


In 2014, in Beijing, the company presented the world premiere of the Denza electric serial car. The model was the beginning of the production of a whole family of electric vehicles.


In 2015, 58 thousand electric vehicles and hybrids were sold. For 2016, the company plans to produce and sell at least 150 thousand electric vehicles.


A huge achievement of the company was the small-scale production of electric buses (models T3 - T5) for use in the city.


In 2012, the car concern with Bulmineral signed an agreement on the organization of an enterprise for the production of electric buses, and in 2013 the concern received a license to sell electric buses to all EU countries.


In August 2016, 26 eco-friendly freight transport models were demonstrated.


In 2016, the company introduced a number of serial models of electric vehicles (DENZA 400 EV, EV300, e5 300, Song).