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History of BMW Electric Cars

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1972 - Munich Olympics, where if not here to demonstrate their desire for the future. That’s exactly what the company’s management did when they timed the demonstration of their first electric car, the BMW 1602 Electric, to the opening of the Olympic Games.


1975 - the new eco-friendly BMW LS Electric prototype is presented to the public.


The mid 80s - the release of the first model available to the mass buyer, the BMW 325 iX Electric. With the release of this model, the company clearly indicated that for her the prospect of electric vehicles is obvious. To create components for BMW electric cars, a separate enterprise was built and a full-fledged design bureau was created.


1991 - BMW E1. The directions of electric vehicles in the concern are developing in full swing. Cars get their unique design not characteristic of other serial counterparts. The engineering bureau receives additional funding for its activities. Some of the developments of the department are being introduced as innovations in cars with diesel and gasoline engines.


Our days. The concern developed and launched full-scale production of two electric vehicles, the massive BMW i3 and the conceptual, but also available for sale BMW i8.